CM Legacy Partners, LLC – Kenneth Corba

Kenneth Corba is the Founder and Managing Partner for CM Legacy Advisors, LLC and Portfolio Manager for CM Legacy Partners, LLC.

The inception of the Fund was July 1, 2007.

This private investment Fund is structured as a tax efficient investment vehicle for individuals who are interested in the long term compounding of a concentrated portfolio. The global portfolio will own 12-18 companies with relatively low turnover. We also have a consistent program of selling puts to enhance current income.

The Fund makes use of modest leverage and will at times have short equity positions.

Management fees charged to the Fund will be 2% annually with 0.50% deducted at the end of each quarter based on net asset value. There will be a year end performance fee of 10% calculated on net profits. Additions and withdrawals can be made at the end of each calendar quarter and the minimum initial investment is $50,000.

TD Ameritrade provides custodian services.

Fleming Financial Services, P.C. provides financial and tax accounting, tracking of member capital accounts, and calculation of investment results.

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